Loretta Viera - Founder Resume Simple
A position in the field of information technology with a particular interest in the area of software engineering, computer programming, and systems. I have a passion for learning new technologies.
  • management, php, mobile, wordpress, and sales, ios, mobile applications, web, cms
  • management, solutions, scheduling, audit, deployment, php, mysql, research
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Pineville High School

    • Develop and maintain a WordPress website for the company management. This includes the creation of a new website, and the addition of a new e-commerce platform.
    • Developed a mobile app for the company using PHP, and JQuery. Designed and implemented a web application for the clients.
    • IOS and Android applications, and the development of a new website for the company. I have a team of developers, and other internal and external teams.
    • Development of new features and enhancements to the existing e-commerce application. The main website is built on the backend and the customer satisfaction.
    • Developed and implemented a new e-commerce website for the company. This allowed the sales team to create a custom search engine that can be used by the client.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Senior Developer

    Gateway Group One

    • Research and development of new features and enhancements to existing database and application functionality. This includes the creation of a custom module to allow users to create the user interface.
    • Developed and implemented a new database management system to allow the audit of the application to the client. Wrote custom PHP scripts to automate the deployment process.
    • Worked on a team of developers, including the development of a MySQL database for the scheduling and delivery of the application.
    • Collaborate with business analysts to understand and translate business requirements into technical solutions. Develop and maintain strong relationships with internal and external customers.
    • Design and develop new web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. Design and implement the front-end and back-end.
    • Provide technical guidance to the team members and ensure that the project is in line with the requirements. This includes the creation of a new product roadmap, and the development of the system.