Martha Easley - Inventory Control Supervisor Resume Simple
Seeking a position in the field of computer science, where I can utilize my skills and experience to contribute to the success of the organization.
  • hazmat, shipping, inventory, compliance
  • software, telephone, marketing, it, database, market research, liaison, reporting, network, research, email, b2b
  • 2018-02-132018-02-13

    Inventory Control Supervisor

    UCLA School of Dentistry

    • Developed and maintained a comprehensive inventory control system for shipping and receiving, and ensuring compliance with all company policies and procedures.
    • Managed the project to ensure that all equipment were up and running on the site. This includes the creation of new PLC, HMI, and plc.
    • Performed daily duties on the site and provided technical support to users. Also, worked with the CEO, CFO, and others.
    • Performed the evaluation of the hydraulic systems, and the final report. The project was to be able to work with the field to determine the need for the job.
    • Perform routine checks on equipment and to ensure that all systems are functioning properly. Maintain and update wires and cables.
    • Created and maintained the system for the use of the vehicle and the new product. This included the creation of the new Drug, and the final report.
  • 2018-02-132018-02-13

    Technical Support Supervisor

    Fremont Hospital

    • Managed IT operations Center, including recruitment, billing, and marketing. Provided technical support for all mobile products and software.
    • Liaison with the IT department to ensure that the billing and communications needs are met. Provided technical support to clients and customers.
    • Provided leadership to the sales team to identify and resolve issues that could not be resolved by the business and operations.
    • Provide technical support for the billing, billing, and data processing, including the telephone, email, and other electronic communications systems.
    • Developed a web-based reporting system for the billing and marketing departments. This included the development of the new product and the customer experience.
    • Develop and maintain a B2B database and a data center. This includes the development of the web-based application and the system.