Tina Shaner - Founder Resume Simple
Seeking a position in a company where I can utilize my skills and experience in the field of finance and accounting. I am a self-motivated, and organized professional with a strong work ethic.
  • youtube, marketing, social media, ads, testing
  • api, decision making, marketing, training, roi, organization, implementation, and marketing
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    Lonza Biologics

    • Managed the testing of the new system for the entire company, including the creation of a new web based application, which included the creation of a Quick reference guide for the entire team.
    • Managed the marketing of the American Express brand and the media industry. (e.G. Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Increased the number of new clients through the use of social media, phone, email, and other channels of the company.
    • Increased sales by over 300% in first year of employment, and the creation of a new Publisher of the ads.
    • Created and implemented a new process for tracking and monitoring the sales of the company‚Äôs largest customer.a Quick turnaround time of over 80%.
    • Created a Quick reference guide for the sales team to help them better understand their needs and to make sure they were able to meet their needs.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Vice President of Sales

    Hdfc Bank

    • Led the development of a new product line for the organization. Created a new customer service program, which included the creation of a sales pipeline, the training of the sales team, and the development of a
    • Manages the design and implementation of a new product optimization process. I was responsible for the development of a new marketing campaign that is now used by the sales team to ensure the best outcome of the customer.
    • Manage and mentor the team of 5 to develop and implement a new revenue recognition strategy for the company. Provide guidance to clients on the best practices and procedures to improve the overall profitability.
    • Leads the development of the business strategy and decision making process for the sales force. Develops and implements a new product line for the company.
    • Develops and implements business development strategies to include: New product offerings, competitive positioning, and market share. Created and maintained a network of internal and external relationships with clients.
    • Develops and implements business development strategies to support the growth of the company and the firm. Participate in the development of the new product and service offerings.