Carol Gordon - Managing Director Resume Simple
Experienced finance professional with a proven track record of success in financial planning, analysis, and operations. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • due diligence, business operations, modeling, financial modeling, operations, negotiation, strategy
  • management, training, military, class, supervising, operations, metrics, award
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Managing Director


    • Led a team of five in the development of a new product strategy and financial modeling process. The model was adopted by the company to drive the company's growth in the business.
    • Developed and implemented a strategic business plan for the company to improve the operations and profitability of the company. Conducted extensive market research and provided recommendations to improve the company's overall business.
    • Conducted due diligence on potential acquisition targets and negotiation of new deals. Managed and negotiated with the client to ensure that the company was compliant with the company's policies and procedures.
    • Implemented a new business plan and developed a strategic plan to improve the overall business performance of the company. Increased revenue by over 50%.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Military Officer

    Flightsafety International

    • Developed and implemented a training program for the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. This included the management of the USAF, the Defense travel system, and the Defense travel agency.
    • Received the President's award for excellence in the operations of the department of excellence. The first year of the year, the highest level of the performance of the company.
    • Received the highest level of excellence in the performance of the military service center in the region. The first year of the fiscal year.
    • Managed the travel and expense reimbursement program for the department of Defense travel and the DoD travel card program. Provided guidance to the cardholders on the importance of ethics and satisfaction.
    • I was responsible for supervising the processing of all employee information, including the following: Employment verification, wage verifications, unemployment, disability, and worker's compensation.
    • Received the highest level of excellence in the performance of the department of the world class of the year. I was able to develop a plan for the purpose of developing a team of five.


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