Sheryl Strong - Commanding Officer Resume Simple
To obtain a position that will enable me to utilize my skills and experience to help the company. I am a self-motivated, and a team player.
  • reconciliation, inventory, responsible
  • advising, dod, responsible, logistics, security, sustainability, languages, operations
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Commanding Officer

    Dowling College

    • Supervised a team of 12 employees responsible for inventory reconciliation. Managed a staff of over 100 associates. Ensured that all personnel were trained and trained.
    • Implemented a new process for tracking and reporting of all incoming and outgoing shipments. The system was used to track and report on the customer service level.
    • Manages the daily operations of the facility, including the maintenance of all equipment and supplies. Responsible for the coordination of the work of the staff.
    • Created a new system for the company to ensure all employees were trained on the proper procedures and processes. I was also responsible for the daily operation of the warehouse.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Deputy Chief

    National Public Radio

    • Responsible for the development of the Afghan national security team and the Afghan government, and the aviation and logistics department.
    • Managed the international and domestic aviation operations and the development of the U.N. Navy and Air force protection program, and the joint-venture with the Afghan government.
    • Advising the Board of Directors on the impact of the strategic direction of the company, including the development of the company's strategic plan, and the identification of potential business opportunities.
    • Developed and implemented a strategic plan to address the needs of the DoD and the federal government. This included the development of a comprehensive business model and the development of a new, highly effective, and sustainable program
    • Managed and coordinated the activities of the sustainability team in the development of the organization's strategic plan. Led the evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.
    • Worked with the U.K. Army and other international agencies to develop and implement the first ever foreign languages and border security program.