Susan Avellaneda - Operations Manager Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated, detail-oriented professional with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I have a strong background in the medical field.
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  • management, bls, pcr, communications, clinical, responsible, preceptor
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    Operations Manager

    The Computer Merchant

    • Management, planning, implementation, and reporting of all clinical and administrative operations. Manage and oversee the scheduling of the practice.
    • Provide leadership and coordination to the healthcare team and the hospital staff. Ensure that the patient is responsible for the management of the department.
    • Managed the hiring, onboarding, and implementation of medical staff, including staffing, logistics, and communication. Developed and implemented policies and procedures for the practice.
    • Served as the primary contact for the management and service coordination. Coordinated with the Executive Director and the Director of operations.
    • Coordinated with the management and coordination of the department. Provided support to the Director of the hospital. Participated in the development and implementation of policies and procedures.
    • Coordinate the management of the clinical team and the staff in the absence of the manager. Coordinates the implementation of the policies and procedures for the department.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Emergency Medical Technician

    Phelps Memorial Hospital

    • Served as a preceptor for the department of emergency medical technicians and paramedics. Trained in the use of specialized equipment and techniques for the use of advanced life support equipment.
    • In charge of monitoring and maintaining the clinical readiness of the ambulance. Assists in the development of new policies and procedures.
    • Provided care and treatment to patients in the emergency department and in the pre-hospital setting. Responsible for the management of the emergency room.
    • Provided BLS communications to local and National agencies. Coordinated with the fire department and the City of the disaster recovery team.
    • Trained in the use of PCR equipment and the use of the Roche Cobas Dx., Clinitek Atlas, and the automated system.
    • Performed all aspects of patient care including: assessment, treatment, and documentation of medical and surgical history. Assisted in the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan of care.


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