Thomas Phillips - Vice President Resume Simple
To obtain a position in a company that will allow me to utilize my skills and experience to provide the highest level of service. I am a self-motivated, dependable, and a team player.
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  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Vice President

    Linfield College

    • Provide clinical care for the outpatient and inpatient care facilities, including the utilization of the Meditech system, and the use of the CHCS, and other health-related information.
    • Provided direct supervision to the health care department, Hospital, home health, and other medical service providers. Supervised and trained staff, case managers, and social workers.
    • Provided clinical support for the implementation of a new Medicaid program for the joint Commission on accreditation of healthcare organizations (JCAHO), the National hospice Board of pharmacy, and the joint Commission.
    • Oversaw the implementation of the clinical and operational aspects of the home health care system, including the utilization of Medicare, Medicaid, and private service providers.
    • Managed the coordination of the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement process for the acute care home and the clinical service department.
    • Provided clinical training for the HEDIS program for the coordination of the Medicare advantage program. Conducted quality review of the hospital prior authorization process.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Vice President

    Tire Kingdom

    • In conjunction with the Director of nursing, I was responsible for the management of the department, including staffing, scheduling, and staffing.
    • Works with the hospital leadership to ensure patient safety and quality of care. Maintain and improve the overall management of the department.
    • Achieved a deficiency free DOH survey. Management of medical and surgical procedures. Developed and implemented a new employee orientation program.
    • Implemented and evaluated the management of the quality improvement team (QI) and the development of a comprehensive health plan.
    • Management of the quality improvement team (QI) and the development of a strategic plan for the practice. Developed and implemented a new process for the department.
    • O member of the Executive management team to identify and resolve issues. Develop and implement corrective action plans. Maintain and improve employee performance.


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