James Stamper - Founder Resume Simple
To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my experience and knowledge in the field of information technology, and further develop my skills in the field of engineering and business development.
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    Telecommunication Systems

    • Worked with sales, marketing, manufacturing, and network engineering to develop and implement new business strategy. Responsible for the planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
    • Created a new product development process for the sales team, resulting in a competitive research and improved customer satisfaction.
    • Worked with sales, marketing, and operations teams to develop and implement new technology strategy and strategic plans. Responsible for the development of a new product roadmap, and the program.
    • Led the development of a new business process improvement program for the sales team, including the creation of a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market.
    • Developed a budget for the sales team to develop a strategy for the customer and the market. Designed and implemented a new process for the sales pipeline.
    • Developed and implemented a strategic program for the sales and marketing department. Worked with R&D, and the business process development team to develop a strategy for the new product.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Director of Technology

    Paychex Inc

    • Collaborated with clients, IT, engineering, marketing, and operations to define and implement new technology solutions. This included the design of the new platform.
    • Provide technical guidance to the Director of engineering, business analysts, and clients to ensure that the best practices are followed.
    • Worked with the customer to develop a new product roadmap, and implemented a new platform for the company. Provided training and mentoring to the team on how to use the best practices.
    • Implemented the continuous integration pipeline to automate the build and release process. Worked with the team to build a new CI environment for the entire development.
    • Provided networking support to the team to ensure that the system is running smoothly. And Also, worked on the issues of the application.
    • Developed innovation roadmap to drive the adoption of new technologies. Provided technical guidance and mentorship to the team. Helped improve the performance of the application.