Everett Hayden - Director of Operations Resume Simple
Accomplished finance professional with over 20 years of experience in financial reporting, analysis, and forecasting. Proven track record of developing and implementing financial systems and controls to improve efficiency and profitability.
  • management, distribution, consolidation, reporting, integration, contracts, revenue recognition, optimization, mitigation, inventory, advertising, budget
  • due diligence, analytics, investments, billing, and sales, operations, financials, organization, mobile, reporting, salesforce, salesforce com, human resource, acquisitions, sales operations, hiring, advertising, budget, pricing, liability, analysis
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Director of Operations

    Fox Institute of Business

    • Responsible for the consolidation of the sales operations, distribution of revenue, and reporting of the results of the business.
    • Managed the integration of a new marketing plan, including the creation of a new forecasting model, and the development of a revenue recognition process.
    • Managed the development of a new marketing plan, including the creation of a new distribution Center, the optimization of the inventory, and the creation of a budget for the company.
    • Develop and implement a new management strategy for the company. Manage the drafting of contracts and agreements. Work with the marketing team to ensure that all deals are properly executed.
    • Manage advertising campaigns for the company and provide support to the sales team. Responsible for the development of new product launches.
    • Reduced the risk of the company by 20% through the mitigation of a loss of the company. This was a significant amount of time in the first year.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Director of Operations

    Williams Sonoma

    • Responsible for all aspects of the Finance and operations including: hiring, training, sales and marketing, financial modeling, budget management, and reporting.
    • Led Finance and marketing team in developing and implementing a new business planning and reporting system. Managed the development of a new product pricing model.
    • Partner with sales, marketing, and IT to develop and implement a new business intelligence tool to track and report on key metrics and trends.
    • Lead the annual business planning process for the marketing and sales teams. Responsible for the creation of the ecommerce database.
    • Managed the marketing and sales team for the company. This included the creation of a new product line, setting up the ecommerce business, and managing the SaaS database.
    • Partnered with sales, marketing, and operations to develop and implement a new SaaS product pricing model that improved the accuracy of the financial performance of the business.